Family Stories

  • Defying the Odds

    Defying the Odds

    Defying the OddsA Family Room Story Katherine was only a few months pregnant when doctors told her and her husband, Doron, that their precious unborn daughter had less than a five percent chance of living to see her first birthday. From that moment on, their family counted on every bit of strength, hope, and love possible from one another to defy those...Click here to Read More about this Story

  • Music to Her Ears

    Music to Her Ears

    Music to Her EarsA Family Story Nora always dreamed of passing on her passion for music to her children. But that dream was shattered when doctors informed Nora that her sweet baby girl, Mariana, had been born deaf. Nora cried when she realized she may never hear the word, “Mama,” spoken by her own daughter. And that was just the first of...Click here to Read More about this Story

  • A Baby of Their Own!

    A Baby of Their Own!

      Against the odds – an Australian couple overcomes distance, time, and two battles against cancer to make their dream of having their own baby finally come true! Susi Gross and Paul Doyle met as two young first-year teachers in Australia. The couple married in 2004 with the dream of starting their own family right away. But...Click here to Read More about this Story

  • One Grateful Family’s Story

    One Grateful Family’s Story

    The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile was recently visited by the family of a young boy who lived on a rural Nevada farm. He arrived with his mother and little sister. His mother shared that her son’s teacher had referred them to the Care Mobile for dental services. The teacher had shared with the mother that...Click here to Read More about this Story

  • Remembering Carmen

    Remembering Carmen

    The Ronald McDonald House provides precious moments together for a family with too little time left. Ten year old Carmen was a sweet child with a cheerful, dazzling personality, whose smile and laughter was contagious. Whether she was playing the piano at the Ronald McDonald House or conspiring with her little sister, Guadalupe, to hide sticky...Click here to Read More about this Story

  • Two Super Heroes

    Two Super Heroes

    At 30 weeks into their pregnancy, Sara and Todd were so excited to get a 3D glimpse of their second child, a boy! And they were even more excited about the idea of sharing those pictures with 2-year old Sapphire, who was just weeks away from becoming a big sister. "Sara's pregnancy had been perfectly normal...Click here to Read More about this Story

  • Emlyne's Story

    Emlyne's Story

    RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE CHARITIES GREATER LAS Vegas Emilyne Biggs from Pahrump, NV stayed at the Ronald McDonald House several times during her two-year battle with Leukemia. In May 2012, she graduated high school and was awarded a scholarship from RMHC of Greater Las Vegas to attend George Fox University in Oregon. The following is an email...Click here to Read More about this Story

  • Ready Set Adoption

    Ready Set Adoption

    Seven years, that is half the life of Ronald McDonald House Charities of GreaterLas Vegas. For long time staff at the House, seven years can seem like it passed very quickly. But seven years of longing for a child is different. And after seven years of longing, Kylee and Brandon decided to adopt, to love...Click here to Read More about this Story

  • Treasured Smiles

    Treasured Smiles

    The late Fred Rogers once said, "Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me." I couldn't agree more. When my daughter, McKenna was about a year old, she battled through her first bout of pneumonia. At age two, she struggled through her second case of pneumonia. At age three; she...Click here to Read More about this Story

  • A Mother's Instinct

    A Mother's Instinct

    "I knew I needed to get a lot of rest and stay off of my feet as much as possible," said Shylo, "But I developed a blood clot and pneumonia just a few weeks later and had a really hard time breathing." As a result, Shylo went into full labor at just six months along....Click here to Read More about this Story